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By Paul, Feb 18 2018 09:21PM

Happy New Year Daisies!!! I know - its February - but I'm quite sure we literally blink sometimes and another 3 months have passed...

Anyway - sorry we have been away quite so long from the blog - no excuses - didn't actually realise it had been so long! We've been a person down for a while and thanks to you all, had a really busy festive season - the Christmas Dinner Pasties were a particular hit - wonder if they'll make another appearence over Easter...

The website has had a little update (thanks Pippa!) - still work to do - but check it out and let us know what you think! Emma's been buried under celebration cakes (thank you!), Chris has been Beevering away some new savouries - which we will launch soon ;).

Most exciting for us though after so many requests for a postal service - we have one!!!!

We've been sending out sweets, tiffin and cookies for quite a while, but it's taken us until now to be confident enough to send the pasties. We've sent quite a few trial packages - of different sizes, in different packaging, with different carriers to try and come up with a solution that balances quality and price - but we've got there!! So we're now selling all pasties in boxes of 4, that can be sent, chilled via Royal Mail - 1st Class. This of course isn't guarenteed next day delivery - but several trials all found that they arrived the following day. Guarenteed next day and larger packages are of course available - just send us a message and we can price it up for you :).

We hope everyone that has been after our goodies that don't live close enough or haven't been able to get to see us at our events is as excited as we are about this!

Bee Happy Daisies xxx

By Paul, Sep 6 2017 11:23AM

Hey Daisy's!

So we promised we would have recipes to share - we've just taken a while to get to this point!

With the launch of our pasty fillings being sold on their own (thanks to the lovely customers who suggested it!) - now seems like the perfect time to get on it!

Here we have more of a serving suggestion than a recipe I guess - but we'll get there!

Initially we just have our Creamy Curried Jackfruit & our Mushroom Stroganoff sauces available purchase by wieght - and we'll look at others depending on demand - so if there was something you would like us to offer - please shout!

Today I've been playing with the Mushroom Stroganoff (as I'm sure you can tell!). I used:

* 400g Mushroom Stroganoff (which had been frozen - half defrosted in the fridge - then impatiently finished off in the saucepan!) heated until fully defrosted. Add:

* 200-300mls Vegan White Wine (depending on taste) stir into the sauce. Add:

* 1 box of Risotto Rice - stir well. Once the sauce is soaking into the rice well add:

* 100mls Stock (we used stock from making the stroganoff - available soon! But any stock will be fine). Stir well. At this point I added:

* Mixed Herbs, Salt & Pepper to taste. Stir well. Once stock is fully soaked - add:

* Stock - approx 50ml at a time - stir well and regularly to ensure even coating and that it doesn't stick to the pan.

* Taste once you have added the first couple of stock top-ups to keep a close eye on how it is doing. Once the rice begins to soften - add: (more stock and)

* 200g Fresh Spinach - as you can see - it really cooks down - the dish could easily accommodate more - but that was all I had.

* Once the rice is softened, and you are happy with the seasoning - you are done! Enjoy!

* Optional extra - stir a good spoon full of vegan cream cheese in for extra creaminess just after you have taken the pan off the heat. We had ours with a pile of scrummy tomatoes, cucumber and peppers - garlic bread would have also gone fabulously!

Hope you find this helpful - would love to hear your serving suggestions and recipes too - so please do share :)

By Paul, Jun 30 2017 10:38PM

The celebration cakes snuck past the starting post a lot sooner than originally planned when a picture of a cake made for a family member was shared on facebook and it ultimately resulted in an order!

But our lovely Happy Daisyers (thats you!) embraced them like their own birthed babies and the orders have certainly been keeping Emma out of mischief!

You all are warming our cockles with how you are supporting what TeamDaisy are trying to achieve. We love that we are able to feed both our fellow vegans and everyone else - whether people are looking for something dairy free, egg free, or just plain yummy - that just happens to also be all those things = Happy (team) Daisy :)

By Paul, Jun 14 2017 09:18PM

It's been a busy old few weeks here at Happy Daisy with our first couple of sales, home delivery orders coming in and speciality cake and outside catering enquiries - not to mention the lovely reviews that are starting to make their way onto our facebook page. You guys have blown our minds with your enthusiasm for what we're trying to offer - and it warms the cockles (vegan - of course!) so thank you from the bottom of our ever expanding hearts :)

By Paul, Apr 28 2017 12:23PM

I've spent a lot of time lately trying to learn how to build a website - and whilst it's very much a work in progress I'm pretty pleased how far we've come!

Paul finally took pity on me the other day and progressed us greatly and my wonderful friend has today been very patiently trying to help me understand how to reach all you lovely people that are hopefully looking for some vegan treats - I'm ever hopeful we'll be 'live' soon :)

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