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Recipe / Serving Suggestion!

By Paul, Sep 6 2017 11:23AM

Hey Daisy's!

So we promised we would have recipes to share - we've just taken a while to get to this point!

With the launch of our pasty fillings being sold on their own (thanks to the lovely customers who suggested it!) - now seems like the perfect time to get on it!

Here we have more of a serving suggestion than a recipe I guess - but we'll get there!

Initially we just have our Creamy Curried Jackfruit & our Mushroom Stroganoff sauces available purchase by wieght - and we'll look at others depending on demand - so if there was something you would like us to offer - please shout!

Today I've been playing with the Mushroom Stroganoff (as I'm sure you can tell!). I used:

* 400g Mushroom Stroganoff (which had been frozen - half defrosted in the fridge - then impatiently finished off in the saucepan!) heated until fully defrosted. Add:

* 200-300mls Vegan White Wine (depending on taste) stir into the sauce. Add:

* 1 box of Risotto Rice - stir well. Once the sauce is soaking into the rice well add:

* 100mls Stock (we used stock from making the stroganoff - available soon! But any stock will be fine). Stir well. At this point I added:

* Mixed Herbs, Salt & Pepper to taste. Stir well. Once stock is fully soaked - add:

* Stock - approx 50ml at a time - stir well and regularly to ensure even coating and that it doesn't stick to the pan.

* Taste once you have added the first couple of stock top-ups to keep a close eye on how it is doing. Once the rice begins to soften - add: (more stock and)

* 200g Fresh Spinach - as you can see - it really cooks down - the dish could easily accommodate more - but that was all I had.

* Once the rice is softened, and you are happy with the seasoning - you are done! Enjoy!

* Optional extra - stir a good spoon full of vegan cream cheese in for extra creaminess just after you have taken the pan off the heat. We had ours with a pile of scrummy tomatoes, cucumber and peppers - garlic bread would have also gone fabulously!

Hope you find this helpful - would love to hear your serving suggestions and recipes too - so please do share :)

Sep 6 2017 04:49PM by Hanc

That looks delicious!

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